HOW TO : Create Fixed Asset in Fixed Asset Module

This scenario will take you through the manual Fixed Asset Creation process.

  • Go to Fixed assets/Common/Fixed assets/ Fixed assets and create a new Asset.


  • Now select the Fixed Assets Group from the drop down.


  • Now the system will automatically assign the Fixed Asset # based on the setup. You have to enter the Asset Name Description, select the Type, Major Type and Property Type


  • Add the technical information for the Fixed Asset.


  •  Add Location specific information


  • Now click the Value Model to enter other financial and date specific information


  • Based on the setup the system will populate the Value Model, Status, Depreciation Profile, Service Life, Depreciation Period remaining and Posting Profile in the Overview TAB.


  • Now enter the Acquisition date, Price and method in the General TAB.


  • Verify the other information that will come automatically once the asset is created in the Depreciation TAB. This information is populated based on the setup.


  • Enter the Financial Dimension that will be applicable to fixed asset transactions in the Financial Dimensions TAB.


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