HOW TO : Make a Journal Entry and Approve via Workflow

  • Go to General ledger/Journals/General Journal.
  • Create a new Journal and then select the Journal that is required from the list.


  • After selecting the Journal enter the Description and then click on Lines


  • Now enter the transaction details in the lines, the voucher number and date will come automatically. In the Account field you can write the account name or the account number and system will return the values based on the input.


  • Then enter the required Financial Dimensions one by one.


  • Once the Financial Dimensions are added the Account Column will look like below


  • Now enter the transaction description by writing anything or selecting from the list


  • Now enter the amount in the Credit or Debit field, depending on your transaction nature.


  • Now select the Offset Account by entering the Account Number or Name.


the system will enter the Financial Dimensions added earlier in Step 5 to this Offset Account Column. If a change is required you can change the Financial Dimensions

  • Click Submit on the Journal Window. Enter the Comments and click submit.


The Workflow will be approved as per the configuration. To inquire the Work flow status. Click on Actions > View History


  • The tracking details of all the steps in the workflow


  • Once the Approvals are done the Accountant can post the Journal.


In case of posting the below info log will appear, in case of error the error message will appear in the info log.

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