HOW TO : Make a Recurring Journal and Recall it as per need.

  • Go to General ledger/Periodic/Journals/Periodic Journal
  • Click New and select Recurring Journal


  • Enter the description as required and click on Lines


  • Enter the details in the Lines that includes Account Type, Ledger account with dimensions, Amount(Debit/Credit) and Offset account


Below are the column descriptions for understanding:

Date = Effective Start date used to generate entries

Units = Months

No of Unit = Interval of entry

Last Date = date till which entries will be generated

  • Now we will recall this Recurring Journal for a transaction. Go to General ledger/Journals/General Journal and create a new Journal and go toLines


  •  Click on Period Journal > Retrieve Journal


  • Now enter the date to which the Journal needs to be retrieved, as the recurring Journal was created with interval of one month so I have given the date till June that will generate 6 lines from Jan to June. Also select the Journal that you want to retrieve from the drop down and click OK.


  • The system will generate the lines based on date for six months.


  • Validate and Post the Journal.


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