HOW TO : Fixed Asset Acquisition by Fixed Asset Journal

In this HOW TO, we will go through the process of acquiring the Fixed Asset from Fixed Asset Acquisition Journal 

  • Create a new Fixed Asset
  • Now go to Fixed assets/Journals/Fixed Assets. Click New and then select the Acquisition Journal.


  • Enter the description and click on Lines


  • Click on Proposal > Acquisition Proposal to Acquire the asset by system.


  • Click Select to enter the criteria.


  • Enter the criteria for search and then select the required Fixed Asset.



  • Click OK on the below window once the Fixed Asset is selected.


The system will get the Date from Fixed Asset master data (the Acquisition date from Value Model), Transaction Type will be automatic, the Acquisition Price will again come from Fixed Asset master data (Acquisition price from Value Model). The user have to enter the Offset Account if it is not specified in the Posting Profile (FA Acq Offset Account).

  • After verifying the information POST the journal.


  • To verify the transaction click on Value Model from the Fixed Asset master


  • Click on Inquiry > Balance



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